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Okay, so High End Fashion is sort of a conundrum for me. I generally dislike almost anything made for women by the big labels, because as a woman of *ahem* some size (I’m a size 18/20/22 depending on what jeans I am wearing) nothing is ever made for me.

But MENSWEAR… OH THE MENSWEAR. I get my little heart into a tizzy over menswear.

Because it’s something I could conceivably wear, and do wear, generally, and  no heels required! no one thinks twice about you wearing men’s shoes when you are also wearing a tuxedo. I am a super-chunky Goodwill-junky and YOU GET THE BEST CHEESY SUITS WHEN YOU’RE AT GOODWILL. It’s a win!

So, imagine my surprise when I was flipping through Vanity Fair and it’s skinny model in CHANEL, skinny model in BURBERRY, skinny model for GUCCI BAGS, and then GARY OLDMAN.

I thought it was a Movie thing, but then I saw PRADA at the bottom, and remembered he and a bunch of other actors were in the premiere fashion show for Prada’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection. I flipped through the rest of the spread and there’s Willem Dafoe, Blue-Steeling the SHIT OUT OF IT, seriously, look:

(Photos turned out to take up too much room, so they’re below the fold.)