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When I was sitting in the room, waiting to see the orthopedic surgeon and learn my fate, there was a very interesting poster up. Well, the poster itself was a bone map thing, but the really interesting part was the blurb on the bottom that said it was a promo-item for something called the EXOGEN ULTRASOUND BONE HEALING SYSTEM.

Given the fact that I was in a state of barely controlled hysteria brought on by a self-diagnosed case of advanced, terminal hypochondria, complicated by an overactive imagination and clinical pessimism, anything that could lessen my chances of me crippling myself for life intrigued me, to say the least.

So I Googled and I was blown away.

The units are used once or twice a day for only 20 minutes at a time, and according to Smith and Nephew’s website for the device the stimulation caused by the ultrasound helps in pretty much all steps of the bone healing process.It mostly used where the break is severe, or when the healing process is delayed or difficult, and seriously cuts down on healing time.

We live in the future, you guys.