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Linked Up: My Laptop Died…

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Linked Up

First I was all…

Then I’m like…

I wrote a post to tell you about it, but you are all…

I’m sneaking some posting time into my busy work schedule of… shopping for a new laptop, so here are your links!

The Six Batman Movies They Should Make. Arkham Asylum?! That would be brilliant! Two and a half hours of BATMAN! BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYONE! I concur with everything else on this list, as well…

Vintage Weight Gain Ads, via How to be a Retronaut. Awesome on so many levels…

Split-second, hi-def shots of dogs shaking their jowls… I thought that yawning baby sloth gif was as close I was going to get to having my ovaries explode this morning, until I saw a picture of a crosseyed whatlookslikean Australian Shepherd…

I’m getting my Mom this mug for Christmas. She deserves to have a little fun at work. I told her about it (I can’t keep secrets from my mother…) and she’s pretty sure it’s going to be awesome, because her coworkers aren’t going to notice…



Currently working on a post about my thoughts on the last shuttle launch and a couple movie reviews of Transformers: Dark of the Moon AND the 2007 scifi mindfuck Sunshine. I’m working on it, you guys! And actually, working on stuff for the blog is a nice respite from work stress, broken leg stress (Updates later) and the sudden realization that I AM GOING TO LAS VEGAS IN TWO WEEKS AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM GOING TO DO ABOUT THAT.

  • As someone who is single and has tried dating sites in the past (I am way too suspicious about people I meet on the internet, the whole venture was doomed to failure.) this is brilliant: A(n)nals of Online Dating. The crazy shit that people send to other people on online dating sites, which is then critiqued and scored.
  • Wired Science goes in depth with the people at SpaceX, at Kennedy Space Center.
  • Pajiba was sex-crazed these last couple days! Between the list of the Hot Guys With Wrinkles (I’d hit ALL THAT) and Movies We Wished Were More Gay, and then posting the dirty, dirty, dirty clip-mash from Film Drunk about… dirty dirty talk in film, I had naughty thoughts. Related: I need to see Last Tango in Paris.
  • Speaking of Pajiba: They posted the other day about the possible remake of Evil Dead. (Bastards! Sam Raimi, what hast thou done?) AND THEN they posted this: 10 Signature Evil Dead Trilogy Lines as Re-Written by Diablo Cody. This shit’s legit, you guys… It’s happening… It’s not going to be pretty. Bruce Campbell, hold me…
  • But! On a lighter movie note, THIS LOOKS AMAZING! Yo quiero! Cuban Zombie comedy Juan de los Muertos (Juan of the Dead) combines all my favorite things: Zombies, laughs, and subtitles!
  • If this is what the Rainbow Toad looks like(Last documented sighting: 1924) what the fuck are you gonna see when you lick it?

    Lick it! See all the coooooolooors...

The weather here is so. Shitty. You guys. It’s raining INSIDE my office. I have a poncho on like I’m a wuss going down Splash Mountain.

So, anywho. Back to really long overdue post. Apparently according to my handy dandy WordPress stat-o-meter, I’ve had a couple visitors, and they seem to be steady. If you’re not spambots, please leave a comment. It’ll do a lot towards keeping me motivated to updating more often if I know I’m not just blathering out into the ether.

So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been reading!

BOOM new twitter avatar.

Kind of short and sweet, I had a lot of time to narrow down my list of links into what is really cool, and what’s just kind spur of the moment, gonna star that in Google reader for later type cool.


  • The Japanese tsunamis actually caused ripples in the atmosphere. (BoingBoing)
  • Know what I’m going to take time out of my Rollercon schedule to do? EARTH MOVER THEME PARK! (BoingBoing)
  • Astronomers did not excpect the Universe to be so clumpy. (Wired Science)
  • If I could choose how I’d want to go… The Euthanasia Roller Coaster doesn’t look like to bad of an idea… (We Make Money Not Art)
  • Not being all that mobile has lead me down some fun DIY paths these last two weeks: Haunted Mansion Stretchy Portrait Bookmarks!!! (BoingBoing)
  • Functioning, playable, trombone flame-thrower… The high-school band geek in me is resurfacing… (via BoingBoing)
  • And finally, with no introduction: Film Students Getting Punched (via Pajiba)


  • Aquarius satellite is set to launch today, will study the link between ocean salinity, circulation, and the climate. Set to launch at 10:20 AM EST, launch is streaming on the web. (Boing Boing, Stream [will only be active until about 11 am EST])
  • Wow… Duke Nukem Forever… is for… sale? Finally? (Boing Boing)
  • Take a walk on the ocean floor with Google Earth! (Wired)
  • Earth-like planets with earth-like moons may be more common than previously thought, and those moons may be the key to a more stable planet. (Wired)
  • I want to start a franchise in Seed Bomb vending machines. (Boing Boing)
  • I never even wondered what it would be like to skydive on Saturn until I read this… (University of Oxford Science via Boing Boing)
  • Datamancer is selling laptops! I would never have the heart to actually use these beautiful, steampunk laptops. (Boing Boing)
  • Okay, seriously. Surprisingly difficult… Of These 15 Images, Which 3 are NOT Michael Sheen? (Pajiba)
  • ON THIS DAY in 1943: The ballpoint pen is invented. (Wired)
  • Data from the Voyager probes suggests that the Sun’s magnetic field extends far, far out into the solar system. (NASA)
  • And now, in some serious nightmare-fuel… Antique Eye Surgery Training Tool. They plopped animal eyes into this thing and went to town. The question is… did they scream? Because I’m screaming. I’m screaming just looking at them. (Fuck you, Boing Boing!)

… Which I am, but not in a fun way.

  • You’re going to be able to play as Catwoman in Arkham City! I’m excited! (Gamelife)
  • 10 Men You Seriously Don’t Want to See Without Facial Hair: Shut the fuck up, that isn’t Zach Galifiniakis! Looks more like Brad Dourif. (Pajiba)
  • Still haven’t been able to read this article because the headline “Desktop Big Bang Shows Time Travel May Be Possible After All” keeps blowing my mind. (Wired Science)
  • I see many of the commenters also saw the Dune connection in this article about worms found living happily 1 mile underground. Whoever controls the spice, controls the universe! (Wired Science)
  • A star where it rains green crystals? That’s some Doctor Who shit right there. (NASA News)
  • Speaking of some Doctor Who shit, this video is a very mesmerizing timelapse video of the Milky Way. Dream-like. (Vimeo via WiredScience)
  • And finally, a Google search for natural pain management brought up something interesting. Orgasms! (