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Posted: January 16, 2012 in GIF OF DA WEEK

This is totally what has been going on in my house lately. My kitten (Ford, but in her mind she is Her Majesty, the Ninja Fuckin’ Princess) has been getting a lot of shit from Ike, my younger male. Probably a little jealousy, because he’s 1) not the spoiled baby cat any longer, 2) he will be damned if another black cat gets more attention than he does, and 3) my brother moved out, so Ike’s favorite person is not around nearly as much as Ike would like.

And Ford is just absolutely afraid of him. She’ll be sleeping very soundly in a box on the floor, and Ike will be walking by then KAPOW! One big open-paw slap across the head sends her sprinting for the bathtub (The safest place in the house, Ike will never voluntarily go anywhere near that tub. And even involuntarily, he’s got to be PRETTY FUCKING SEDATED.) and then he swaggers off, like a boss.

So, yeah, the gif hit a bit of a chord. BLOG AND LIFE COLLIDE!