Posted: February 15, 2012 in Roller Derby, Thoughts

The general idea...


After a WTF moment with a jam at practice last night, I have come to the following conclusions:

First whistle of the jam starts. White team tries to force a No Pack situation by having three blockers drop to a knee and one sprint out. Three blockers from the black team stay put at the jammer line, while one chases the white blocker going out of play, splitting the blockers into group A and group B.

In the diagram, group A is the pack according to 4.1.1, because they have the largest group of in-play skaters from BOTH TEAMS. All other things constant, the jammer whistle should ONLY BLOW when group A passes the pivot line.

  • If group B just chills, and group A doesn’t pass the pivot line, jammers never get released.
  • If a white player from B stands, group B becomes the pack. Jammers still aren’t released.
  • If Group A passes the pivot line, jammers go.
  • If either player in A falls or is taken out, It’s a no pack situation, jammers go.

This is something pack refs have to think about, with taking a knee to start the jammers becoming a regular thing, even at the levels of play that I ref at. If it happened at practice, it’s going to happen at a game.

But of course at practice last night, there really wasn’t anything I could do, since I was a jammer ref. For both the jammers. Blurg.




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