so, I have an arch-enemy…

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Roller Derby

I have a nemesis… an opponent, who is not worthy of my anger and my frustration, but every time she opens her mouth I can’t help it, I fly into this nearly uncontrollable rage. Raaaaaage...

She tries to get her opinion in when she doesn’t know anything about the subject being discussed…

It doesn’t matter that she knows jack shit about skating, and the rules, and NSOing, but she wants you to know her opinion about all of these things! Because she knows! She knows how these things are supposed to go! And no matter what, that’s the truth, reality doesn’t matter…

Sometimes, a gif expresses all the emotions.

So angry. She makes me so irrationally upset. I shouldn’t let her, but those are just words when I run up against the Great Wall of her stupidity. No amount of negotiation or solid reason can dent that rock solid ego, the delusional self-esteem that bubbles up from somewhere I don’t know where. God, she drives me insane.

But, rumors, rumors…

Somebody said that she wants to be a WFTDA* certified ref…

Listen, I have been reffing roller derby for two years. (Two years? Fuck yeah, two years. I’m gonna be 23 this year! September is my 3rd derby anniversary!) Two years, and this year is the first year that I’ve even thought to try for WFTDA certification. It’s hard. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of money, especially if, like Nemesis and I, you’re not conveniently located within an hour of a WFTDA league, and have to hoof  it on your own dime for sanctioned bouts.** The fact that something like certification is something that you think is easy means that you don’t understand exactly what goes into it.


Dear Nemesis,

You are a bitch. And I do not like you. I don’t care if I hurt your feelings. I don’t care what you think about me. You suck.

You talk to much. You’re too busy talking that you don’t do anything, and at the end of the day it is what you do with your derby time that matters, and until you ref more games than I have, done more NSOing than I have, know more derby than I do, THEN you’ll be able to talk to me about derby. Then I might listen to what you have to say.

but at the end of the day, you’re looking at someone who has a year’s experience on you.



*Women’s Flat Track Derby Association

** Bout: What a game of Roller Derby is referred to as.


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