Wait. What?

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes, that’s right. Nerd on your knuckles.

Gather round, kiddies, this is the story of how I named this blog.

Once upon a time, I was with some friends (drunk) just hanging out (drinking) playing on a high end game console (if you consider a dining room table set up for beer pong and flip cup a high end game console) when the subject came up of one of my recent trips to Kennedy Space Center.

“Dude! You’re a hardcore nerd. You know that, right?” my buddy yelled from the couch and I missed a cup in beer pong, again.

“Fuck yeah, man. I’m gonna get a tattoo!” I waved my left fist perilously close to his nose. “I’m going to get NERD right across my knuckles!”

Everybody laughed, and everyone else in the room probably forgot the exchange the next day, judging by the absolute mountain of cans that met our bleary eyes the next hungover morning.

But I have certain superpowers when it comes to drinking, and one of those is that it takes a massive, liver-crippling amount of alcohol for me to forget what happened the night before.

I started to think about the term ‘hardcore nerd.’ It used to be, and even I remember this, that being a ‘nerd’ put you far enough out of the mainstream that the word ‘hardcore’ would have been redundant. To be a real nerd, you had to have this hardcore mindset, to be able to live your life on nerdy terms. You had to be able to hack it, or you ended up giving it up.

This day, being a nerd has become a mainstream culture. Nerds have shows like The Big Bang Theory, where high physics is recited like it was the lyrics to the Billboard chart-topper. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are incredibly respected businessmen.  Typing the search ‘nerd blog’ into Google brings back almost 30 million results. 

I mean, we’ve arrived, right?

As ‘nerd-chic’ becomes more mainstream, it becomes more watered down, in order to be marketed to the biggest crowd of consumers. I remember a time when Hot Topic and dying your hair florescent yellow were on the edge, were what I had to do to get people to leave me the hell alone so I could go on geeking out and getting my nerd on. I got called a freak. I had fundamentalist Jesus-freaks asking me if I knew that God was Love and He would love for me to not go to hell.

But these days, if I have one more tween wearing brand new Chuck Taylors, white fishnets and suspenders over a $60 Team Edward t-shirt come up to me and tell me that I “stole Lady Gaga’s hair color and you’re such a poser”* I will commit a felony.

Suspenders and big glasses does not nerd make. You can rock that pocket protector but do you even know that a slide rule actually has nothing to do with baseball? Got WoW?

This blog will be a celebration, not only of what gets my nerd senses tingling, but of the real hardcore nerds in the world.

So, that’s how it works.

Here we go.

*This really happened. That snot-nosed little shit.


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